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Network as a Service (NaaS) is a game-changing advancement in connectivity, particularly for small to mid-sized businesses and large enterprises. NaaS offers your business a breadth of benefits, including lower costs, minimal resource waste, and flexible provisioning. Spectra NaaS introduces these capabilities to fast-growing companies across India.

What is Network as a Service?

Network as a Service (NaaS) can be defined as a reimagined business model where companies can easily deploy networks without having to re-architect their infrastructure or revisit existing contracts.

It offers a more efficient approach to IT and network management, significantly reducing your operating costs. Further, it brings down your network capex to near-zero as there is no need to invest in hardware infrastructure or in-house IT staff.

At Spectra, our NaaS capabilities cover all of the connectivity essentials you need to run your business:

By leveraging NaaS, you can rapidly digitise your network infrastructure and drive seamless scalability at low costs, without compromising on network performance or speed.

How is NaaS different from traditional networks?

NaaS is a 360-degree overhaul for businesses currently running on do-it-yourself network infrastructure, depending on hardware, software, and service capabilities from multiple vendors. It takes the concept of a managed network a step further, bringing shared ownership to your end-to-end network footprint. So, transitioning to NaaS can reduce complexity and make processes simpler in a variety of areas.

Do It Yourself Managed NaaS
ISP The business interacts with multiple ISPs, without a single SPOC. The business interacts with multiple ISPs, without a single SPOC. NaaS is deployed on Spectra’s fibre networks. In remote areas, NaaS is compatible regional ISPs and Spectra integrates it into one, centrally managed hub.
Hardware dependency Dependent on various hardware components, leading to clutter. A large number of hardware components, managed by the network provider. NaaS is entirely Software-defined with limited hardware dependency; this enables application-based traffic routing, automated link switchover, and bulk policy activation.
Security Standalone firewall provided by a different vendor at additional costs. Standalone firewall provided by a different vendor at additional costs. NaaS comes with built-in security, making the business resilient to cyber threats.
Switches and AP The business evaluates and deploys the network infrastructure with minimal support. The managed network provider takes ownership of network deployment. The NaaS vendor analyses the business’ needs, designs the network architecture, and deploys it under strict timelines.
Management The business’ internal IT operates network functionalities by seeking support from multiple ISPs. The managed network provider offers remote support as well as field assistance with minimal IT intervention. The NaaS vendor offers remote support for everyday network management, and field assistance in the case of on-site issues.

Do you need NaaS for your business?

NaaS can be instrumental in propelling growth for fast-growing businesses of any size, eager to embrace digital transformation. For example, Spectra has deploye NaaS-based solutions in the hospitality sector, educational institutions, and financing companies, in addition to startups in the technology domain. If you have faced one or more of the following issues, switching to NaaS might be a good idea:

  • Sluggish network when users access cloud-based apps
  • Difficulty in real-time application and data updates
  • Agility in the network
  • Swelling costs when you onboard new devices or users
  • Delays in new branch opening time in remote regions
  • The need to mitigate cybersecurity risks
  • Lack of flexibility in usage/no industry-specific solutions
  • Lean IT team to take care of mundane tasks
  • Imminent technology refresh (scale up/down)
  • Hefty AMCs causing difficulties

What are the benefits of using NaaS?

Transitioning from a hardware-reliant network landscape to a cloud-focused can transform your business capabilities. It allows your users to access online applications in real-time and improve productivity. Spectra’s bundled solutions reduce extra costs spent on firewall, security, and network monitoring. As a result, you can centralise network governance across multiple locations on one platform with secure access to all relevant stakeholders.

With NaaS, you can:
  • Modernise your business with access to the latest digital tools
  • Offer customers value-added services with domain-specific solutions
  • Enjoy 24X7 monitoring through Spectra SOC
  • Pay as you grow to lower network OPEX
  • Protect your business from external threats and cyber security attacks

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