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Know how SD-WAN can transform network infrastructure and boost productivity: A complete guide

Today, businesses are looking to go beyond traditional WAN, adopting smart network solutions that support a new generation of apps, users, and business models. This includes video calling, cloud storage, and remote applications – high-bandwidth tasks central to modern workplaces.

Traditional, MPLS-based WAN is struggling to keep pace with these emerging requirements. MPLS lines are severely limited by the underlying hardware, making it difficult to scale.

SD-WAN is a smarter alternative, replacing outdated MPLS lines with a flexible, software-defined infrastructure. This allows traffic routing based on specific applications, and seamless integration with the world’s leading cloud providers like AWS and MS Azure.

Here’s a complete guide to SD-WAN adoption:

  • How MPLS is holding back businesses
  • Why SD-WAN is meant to become the global standard
  • 5 benefits of SD-WAN adoption
  • 3 elements that define the Spectra approach
  • 5 tangible outcomes successfully delivered to customers

Download the e-book and learn how you can move to SD-WAN to unjam your network.

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